About Us

Welcome to Sun Rhea Jewelry Boutique! My name is Alexsis and I am the founder and curator of our collection of fine and demi fine jewelry.

Since I was a young girl, I have always been drawn to the elegance of fine jewelry. However, as I grew older, I quickly realized that the price tag for such pieces was often out of reach for me and many others. It was then that I decided to pivot my focus towards demi fine jewelry.

Demi fine jewelry, made with solid gold, silver, vermeil, gold filled, and gold plated stainless steel, offers the same level of quality and beauty as fine jewelry, but at a more affordable price point. I became obsessed with curating a collection of demi fine jewelry that would allow anyone to experience the luxury and sophistication of fine jewelry without breaking the bank.

At Sun Rhea, we believe that everyone deserves to feel beautiful and confident, and that is why we are committed to providing high-quality, affordable jewelry that is both timeless and on-trend. Each piece in our collection is hand-selected by me for its quality, craftsmanship, and unique design.

Thank you for visiting our website and for allowing us to be a part of your jewelry journey. We hope that our collection of fine and demi fine jewelry brings you joy and inspires you to feel confident and beautiful every day. 

xoxo Alexsis